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It’s an unhealthy trend, the negative side of social technologies such as social networking/ media and even group text messaging.Caution: This information is meant to highlight some of the disturbing situations and statistics related to the negative side of social technology — not to sensationalize — and may be difficult for some readers to read or view.

In its first week, Danni’s Hard Drive garnered a million hits.Whether we like it or not, sexting (sex-related text messaging), sharing sexy selfies (nude/ semi-nude self-shot photos), cyber-bullying and posting revenge porn have become part of online society.However, some of this anti-social behavior is not a side effect of technologies such as cell phones and text messaging, and the World Wide Web and social networking sites.Our large communal and interactive tables are just the right fit for a place to socialize and share stories with friends, both old and new.Rockford's atmosphere is always comforting, unpretentious and full of energy, cultivating and delivering the neighbourly and welcoming feeling many diners seek.

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