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Software giant Microsoft, which acquired Skype in 2011, said in a statement: "We will not provide governments with direct or unfettered access to customer data or encryption keys." The NSA had been monitoring Skype even before that, but since February 2011, the service has been under order from the secret US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), to not only supply information to the NSA but also to make itself accessible as a source of data for the agency.Mark Matulaitis poses with the laptop that he uses for virtual house calls with his neurologist in his home in Salisbury, Md.

You can text chat with the people you meet, and you can also see each others' webcams.(TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images) The New York Police Department and a U. attorney in North Carolina have begun examining former congressman Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexually suggestive online messages with a teenage girl that were reported by a British media outlet, authorities said Thursday.The exact parameters of the investigation remain unclear, but officials said that investigators are interested in a report from Daily that Weiner chatted with a 15-year-old girl for some months last year.The proud winners of the competition are awarded "Kryptos" mugs.Encryption -- the use of mathematics to protect communications from spying -- is used for electronic transactions of all types, by governments, firms and private users alike.

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