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Like the sight of a thousand Chinese railroad workers hammering a steel nail into the ground the American message is simple and repeated over and over through caricatures and violent acts of racism: your father was no man, you are no man, and your kids will never be a man. The problem with being an Asian American Man is that you are stuck at a fork in the road but you’ve been told to stay still: while America tugs on your sense of identity and masculinity you want to push back and voice your concerns.

Most of us Whiz Kids were crafted in a factory that churned out star children; Ph D machines who studied and calculated their way to an American dream that wasn’t even ours, but our parents’. Robots aren’t trained to think or decide for themselves.

Behind the state school were Stanford University in California, St.

John’s University in New York, and the University of Houston in Texas. ) The tabulation is based on over 15,000 surveys sent to college-affiliated e-mail addresses found in Interracial Match’s database, Per the Rutgers website, 45 percent of the student population is white, 20 percent are Asian, 12 percent are Latino, 10 percent are African-American, six percent are international and seven percent are listed as other.

(himself found in the street one year ago) take care of him like is son. ------------------------------------------------------ Leave a comment if you appreciate this picture. =====Patrick has a bed on my desk so he can help me with Flickr and various computer diversions.

-------Patrick passed away in 2009 and was my favorite!

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Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace Prize, 1952) I am a freelance photographer specializing in uncommon cat photography. I am available to take pics of you and/or your cat!

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