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He was walking his two dogs, which were found alive circling his body.

and a half months ago, David Lenox, 66, by all accounts a beloved recent retiree, was killed just feet from that location, also walking his dogs. I didn't know about this one, but one of the local tv stations just came out with a story (it's on my phone not on their website yet) also listing this one from April 2017: another local news station connecting all four: I don't think they have said how the other 3 were killed.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

They found the remains of 11 people from the Late Woodland Period, about A. Charles and is an elder in the Thunderbird Society, a nonprofit organization that promotes American Indian culture.

Jane Livingston, president of the Columbia-Jefferson City area Red Fox Lodge, one of the Thunderbird Society's four lodges, said that while some American Indians share Means' view, others try to see the historical benefits of excavations."The views of the full-blood traditionalists is very harsh," Livingston said.

When industry and business began locating in the valley, the city of Florissant tried to annex what is now Hazelwood.

August, John Palmer, 54, was found dead on the same walking trail hard to believe the motive was robbery, at least for me? Lenox had just stepped out his door even though it was very close to the walking trail.

Here's an article saying "the trail is still a safe place." It doesn't mention Palmer. Lenox on particular makes me think targeted sniper type thing.

And others say if planning doesn't precede development, the future of the burial mounds along the blufftops is uncertain at best. The federal legislation meant to protect them only applies to development projects that are on federal land or use federal money.

With developer Jose Lindner's purchase of the former W. Smith Feed Mill and Hatchery property — 1,024 acres between the city and the river — government officials say city annexation is inevitable.

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