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“Many have even said that they were flat out denied entry into the voting booths to cast their ballots if they were wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt or other signs showing support for her as President.This was especially bad in areas of Florida and North Carolina where there are high numbers of Latino and African American voters. The margin of victory is too close to call, and the outcome of this election is too important.Before proceeding to the merits of what was contained in the floor statements, the Federal Circuit pointed out the obvious – that floor statements are not typically reliable indicators of Congressional intent, citing the U. may be deemed patent-defeating prior art.” The Court also pointed to an excerpt from then Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), who explained in his opinion the AIA precluded the extreme results that occur from “commercialization that merely consists of a secret sale or offer for sale.” Judge Dyk explained the Court declined the invitation to decide this matter more broadly than necessary, and would limit its ruling to the issue of sales, saying nothing about public use which is not before the panel at this time with these facts.“The floor statements do not identify any cases that would be overturned by the amendments,” Dyke wrote.

The argument of Helsinn and the government was primarily based on the legislative history, and more specifically floor statements made during debate of the AIA. The Federal Circuit quoted excerpts from statements by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who explained in his opinion “Section 102(a) was drafted in part to do away with precedent under current law that private offers for sale…Telling the SC that it had no power to scrutinise the legality of personal law provisions, the board said, "Any deviation from such Quranic injunction (validity of triple talaq) would go against the mandate of the Almighty himself and such an act would be going against the very integral practice of Islam and would be disregarding the precise directions of Allah and also his Messenger, which is nothing but a sin and as per the Holy Quran, such an action would show that the believer has strayed away from the religion in manifest error."Furthermore, as ordained by the Holy Quran, all Muslims are bound to accept the command of the Messenger and are bound to avoid whatever the Messenger forbids and when the Prophet has categorically directed separation of parties after triple talaq in one go and has ruled that if the former husband takes the woman back into marriage, he will be committing a sin, then no believer has a choice to take the woman back into marriage after pronouncing triple talaq and such an act is nothing but a sin." Warning of serious consequences of disobeying the Quran, the AIMPLB said, "The consequences of committing such a sin would be far more adverse as children born out of such relationship would be illegitimate and their rights of inheritance in their putative father's estate would be questionable." "In view of this, if the Supreme Court holds that triple talaq in one sitting is not a valid form of effecting divorce, then that would amount to rewriting of the Holy Quran itself, which is nothing but the ipissima verba (the precise words) of the Almighty himself and is the entire genesis of Islam.13805Donald Trump Electoral College EOEO 13805Executive Order Executive Order 13805Executive Order of election results Hillary Clintoninvestigation of election results Is the owner of Snopes wife transgender?Obama Obama calls for re-vote Obama signs Executive Order for recount Obama signs Executive Order for revote Paul Hornerrevote investigation Snopes wife transgender WASHINGTON, D. (AP) — Following the results of Tuesday night’s election, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13805, which orders a full recount of all votes cast in the election and calls for a special election to be held on December 19.

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“Even if the floor statements were intended to overrule those secret or confidential sale cases…

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