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I wrapped it up 10 minutes after we finished eating and we never spoke again."For winter break, I went up north to learn how to snowboard, and it turned out that my instructor was a major cutie, so I was even more excited!I’m talking, “OMG, I can’t believe this is happening to me! At that point, the only thing you can do is chalk it up to experience and growing pains. Reader Hookup Confession: We Had Sex In The Same Room As My Friend Follow Gurl, pretty please!

My friends told me it would be better if I went to the nurse and got a pad there, so I did, and then went into the bathroom to put on the pad.

She is a completely different person (looks the same but personality, not so much) than I was talking to online.

Anyway, conersation is terrible but I'm staying to be courteous. and then she starts breaking the crusts off of her pizza and flinging them at me whilst yelling "fire in the hole".

"One night, I fell asleep on a bus, and when I woke up, the bus was dark and empty — I was at the bus depot at NYC's port authority station in the middle of the night. "I am an engineering student, and our class had an engineer come talk to us about postgrad opportunities.

I'd missed all the stops and the bus driver must not have seen me. It was very clear that he didn't think women were as qualified for the field as the guys.

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I went out on a couple of dates with this guy I had known (like an acquaintance) for a couple of years. After that he started dating this other girl that I knew from school.

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