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They describe this moment as a time when their lives were so broken there genuinely appeared no further to fall.

The next stop on their journey into the dark abyss was surely death …

The second part of the email is the essay itself, a very moving description of a dream in which he experiences a sobering review of his life and a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ.

“The Room” was actually written by speaker and author Joshua Harris and is in his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” He says it was something that he put on paper as the result of a dream he had while in Puerto Rico for the 1995 Billy Graham Crusade and published in his magazine the same year. He did attend the high school described in the e Rumor and lost his life as the result of a traffic accident shortly after having presented “The Room” for the meeting of Christian athletes. It’s the best thing I ever wrote.” It was also the last.

His friends and family believed that he had written it and the story about Brian was passed along to others sincerely. Brian’s parents had forgotten about the essay when a cousin found it while cleaning out the teenager’s locker at Teays Valley High school.

Joshua Harris told Truth Or that he appreciates people getting the facts straight about the origins of “The Room” but is more concerned that people hear the message of the story than knowing who actually wrote it. He showed the essay titled “The Room” to his mother, Beth, before he headed out the door. Brian had been dead only hours, but his parents desperately wanted every piece of his life near them-the crepe paper that had adorned his locker during his senior football season, note from classmates and teachers, his homework.

He’s committed to an authentic search for the love that’s at the heart of things, and reading his book you feel more committed to it too. You have no idea what an impact your words have had.

Flash forward 10 years and they’re living in the home of their wildest dreams, married to their Princess/Prince of Arabia, acting as principle advisor to the Supreme Galactic Council and serving as general champion for humanity across the land.As many handsome, well-groomed local burghers do, he gets into his Mercedes to cruise down to the local deli for breakfast.While driving, our guy turns on the radio to catch the weather and traffic and a few nice tunes for the road.It’s a beautiful story, one I’m sure is often mostly true.Fortunately, you don’t have to be homeless to experience authentic transformation.

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